Welcome to Audio Files Podcast blog.

Posted March 31, 2010 by critmin
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Audio Files is a member of the Critically Minded Consortium, a group of blogs/podcasts dedicated to offering quality listening material to ESL (English as a 2nds Language) students.

Critically Minded Consortium currently includes the main site at Critically Minded Podcast. That podcast provides listeners with a basic overview of the critical thinking tool set.

Audio Files is a blog/podcast that gives listeners a slideshow presentation of the history of audio media. Critical thinking is also encouraged by this program as the material asks the listener to think critically about their own decision-making  process regarding how they select, store and enjoy music.

In the future, we also hope to offer several other blog/podcast in this same style.

We want to encourage our listeners to download our podcasts and be active at our blogs as well as our Critically Minded Facebook and we welcome your e-mails, comments and suggestions.

Let’s enjoy learning together.


Episode 1: Sound

Posted April 30, 2010 by critmin
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In this first episode we learn that sound can be described as a wave. We learn that a wave has two physical properties, length and height. We learn that length–or frequency determines the sound’s pitch and that the wave’s height–or amplitude determine the volume of the sound, that is how soft or how LOUD the sound is. We look in detail at wavelength’s and pitch.